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Monday, 28 April 2008

A happy wee man with George

This is Kalen my wee'est wee man with his card that the lovely Ruth (ooffee) sent him. Kalen and i were blog hopping and he spotted this card and said 'I want that one' lol i think he thought i was buying again. Anyway Ruth very kindly sent it to Kalen and he was over the moon, he keeps it in his little craft bag (lunch bag) that he carries about and takes it out to show everyone and for me to read the message to him. Thanks again Ruth, your card from Kalen should be popping through your letter box tomorrow, i had to leave it for a couple of days for the glue to dry, he loves using glitter glue lol.


Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh Kalen, what a handsome boy you are. I am very pleased that you liked my card!

Thanks for sharing the picture, Donna!

Hugs to you both - Ruth x

Louly said...

Oh wow! how fantastic! As the designer of George it makes me proud to read stories like this.xx

Sarah C said...

What a wonderful surprise he had. No wonder he looks so happy :D

pickle said...

Aw bless he looks so chuffed. and i can see why it's a fab card and so kind of ruth for sending it to him.
kerry x