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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Confession Time.

Hi everyone, haven't put any of my creations on in a while, i just haven't had the energy in me lately to finish anything But now i am very behind and have loads of birthday and new baby cards to make so hopefully i will have something to put on tonight. I have now stopped smoking for 11 weeks and guess what......No i had a puff yesterday.... i feel soooo bad....why oh why did i do it? It was half a rolled cigarette, i was just having a bad day because i haven't felt healthy since i stopped believe it or not, I've been told to start taking vitamin c maybe that will perk me up a bit. Anyway I'm not taking any more puffs, I've just got to get through it, I'm on my last stage of patches and maybe when I'm off them I'll start feeling better because they don't agree with me anyway. OK now I'm babbling lol, less chat more craft. Smoking is bad for me, smoking is bad for me.......

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Angeldrummer said...

you need to do something else with your hands when you feel like a cigarette - would you like me to send you some quilling papers?