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Thursday, 29 May 2008

I've been Tagged.

I have been tagged by the Lovely Jacqui, I now have to answer the questions and tag some others and post on their blogs that they have been tagged, so here goes,

1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
Oooo 10 years ago....mmm...I was travelling around America on a harley davidson with my then boyfriend Jon, oh we had such a great time, unfortunatly his work put an end to our trip earlier than we expected and i had to go back to N.Ireland and as he lived in America i knew that the relationship just couldn't work, he was devastated of course but he said he would just throw himself into his work to take his mind off me. You might have heard of his band, Bon jovi? Ok Ok it was all a dream but i'm a dreamer and there is nothing wrong with that he he. No, 10 years ago i was heavily pregnant with my daughter Jessica, we had just moved house and we were decorating like crazy to get the house ready for our little one coming, two weeks later Jessica Lois was born and we are still decorating lol.

2)Things in today's to-do list.
# Parent/Teacher interview @ 10am for Kalen. (um he is 3)
# Take Kalen to nursery @ 12.15
# Craft for a few hours, oops sorry i mean do the housework.
# Pick Kalen and Jessica up from school @ 2.45
# Prepare the dinner. (Look in the freezer)

3)Snacks i enjoy.
Chilli Nuts
cream egg

4)Things i would do if i was a millionaire.
I would set up trust funds for the children, make sure all my family had a share, have a huge party for family and friends, i would buy myself a horse and give and work for a charity.

5)Places i have lived.
Lots of places in Germany ( hereford, munchengladbach, senelager, and a couple more)
Lots of places in England ( Birkenhead, London, Tidworth )
and last N.Ireland.

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Tabitha said...

Oooohh how fun. Love your Bon Jovi story. It really got me chuckling.

Have fun with your parent teacher conferences and making dinner. I dread making dinner I never know what to make...