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Friday, 30 May 2008

My Day Late Cute Card Thursday Entry.

What can i say, i can blame it on my age, i can blame it on my schedule, i can even blame it on my kids but the truth is.... i'm stupid. I mean to say who sits up on a Thursday night to make a card for the cute card thursday challenge and then goes to post it on the site on Friday? Say no more.


kes said...

It was worth the wait. Great card.

Jacquie said...

Wonderful card! And yes, I am another one, sometimes on the SCS site I am posting cards weeks late...sigh.

HOw is the weather there in Ireland? would love to visit there one day.

southern fairy said...

aww at least u got round to some crafting time though ;)

Cass said...

LOL Donna...I have days like that too.Just go have a wee glass of wine.sorry i wasn't near the Solid Rock.It's not too far away though.What was your sister doing there?
Gorgeous card btw.

Cass xxx