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Saturday, 3 May 2008

No cards today.

No cards worth showing today, have made a few but very like others i have on my blog so i'll not bore you. But i've been spending again, well i have now gone down to step two of my patches (to help me stop smoking) so i needed to celebrate lol. And with all the pain i have been going through with the darn things i deserve to treat myself, for anyone who has used the patches you will probably know what i mean. So i went to the papermill to stock up on paper and card and by the way, what is going on with their boxes? OMG how shallow are they? Wasn't too impressed but filled a box anyway, also stocked up on brads, ribbons and bits and pieces. Anyway didn't feel that i'd treated myself enough, you know i still had that empty, 'i'm not satisfied yet' feeling so spent some more money at pink petticoat. So i'm off for a play and i'll maybe have something creative for tomorrows blog, oh oh oh and the best news was that my son (who is in canada at the minute) bought me a tin of 60 prismacolor pencils yesterday, he comes home in July and i told him i would wait till he got home, that was last night, got on the phone this morning (which was 3am where he was lol i knew he was on night shift i'm not that bad) and told him to post them on monday lol, who was i trying to kid to think i could wait until July. I recently bought a sample pack from a guy called Tony to try them out, they were great so i wanted more. I wonder how long it will take to get here? I'll maybe question the postman on monday hehe.

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Sarah C said...

Congratulations on the non-smoking :D Glad to hear you had a day of treats. I'm not surprised that you asked your son to ship the pencils over earlier. Have fun playing when you get them. Oh yeah, I'd heard the Papermill boxes had shrunk. No wonder you had that 'not satisfied yet' feeling xx