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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wow check out my new outfit!

Isn't this fantastic. The very lovely and talented Donna (no not me another Donna lol) has given me a facelift. I am so delighted with what she has come up with, thank you so much Donna. I let her know what style i liked, colours and images and she did the rest, i love it. Thank you soooo much. xx


~* Donna *~ said...

Stopit! your make me blush LOL

the pleasure was all mine, Really it was! ( i didnt want to give it up lol)

Now i best go show my face to my Other Half, i think his forgot what i look like hehe

Marlou said...

oh my goodness Donna!!! this is absolutely fabulous!!! how posh :) just love it :) x

Crafty Wanderings said...

Oh WOW it absolutely fantastic! Gorgeous! Perfect! I love it!

Well done to the other Donna!

Hugs Ruth x

Tabitha said...

Love your new design.

I especially like your header with the cute picture of you! Love the little rose in your hair!

Great colors!

paylin said...

Hi Donna

Your new blogger layout is Fantastic! Gorgeous! Perfect!

Well just to drop by to say " hello " takecare and have a great day

Sarah C said...

I wowed when I saw your header. It looks fantastic xxx