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Thursday, 27 November 2008

My Snowman Attempt.

After visiting Maddy's blog and seeing her adorable Snowman earrings tutorial, I thought I would give them a try lol. Now they look a lot better in real life because they are so tiny you can't see all the flaw's and I had to adapt them as I didn't have red fimo but will draw on the buttons when they are baked. I have ordered the bits and pieces to make them into earrings so i'm just waiting for those now. Maddy's are fantastic, mine a bit like albino penguins lol but it was so much fun, brought me back to my childhood. Will give them another go when I get my red fimo and hopefully I will improve.


maddy hill said...

Hi Donna heheee they a sooooooooo fab - i love the fact the are different - it gives them soooooo much character ! I have rach here from all sorts and everything blog and the minute she saw them she loved their character !!!
Brilliant make for a first time - really mean that . x

Homework .lol.... to make a snowman at the next level -- much smaller noses , shorter arms - and thats all ...well done hunny - i actually think they are well cool !

there is the twisting technique on my stamping with fimo video on the blog , which might help you when you get your red fimo x

use permenant fine marker for the buttons .

Calv said...

Donna these are great, especially as a first attempt!

They have their very own charm going on there. :)

Great job.

Calv said...
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