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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Addiction.

Hi everyone, haven't posted from Sunday so thought i'd pop on and say hi. Its my 3rd day of quitting smoking and my head has been all over the place, can't even concentrate on making any cards lol but I got my new elzybells stamps through the door today so might make something tonight, I have so many challenge's to catch up on. Guess what i've been doing? Besides scrubbing every inch of my house to keep my hands busy, I have been addicted to a silly game on the x box lol, I never play the x box but the kids were playing 'viva pinata' and when they went to bed they left it on ........... so i had a wee look............ and now i am a proud owner of a beautiful garden lol, i've been weeding, watering and everything and now i can't wait till the kids go to bed to get another go, IT'S THE LACK OF NICOTINE THATS DONE IT!!! lol. Oh what am I like? Am i the only 'secret viva pinata player' ? I was up to 1 am trying to get a new shovel and a couple of chickens! and now I can't afford a coop, will have to grow more vegetables so i can sell them and buy one. Its hard work I can tell ya. x


Ruth (ooffee) said...

LOL! Keep up the good work - I mean stopping smoking! And enjoy your virtual garden! Hugs Ruth xx

Maria Matter said...

You are too funny. And kids think we bark at them for spending too much time on the video games because we're parents...when really it's so we can play! good job with your garden and I hope you get that shovel!!!!
Good job with not smoking!
Blessings, Maria

Jane Carroll said...

keep up the good work hun - you can do it

hugs jane x

Karen said...

Well done on quitting Donna: Keep it up!

debra said...

keep up the good work, perhaps you could be the inspiration my hubby needs as he is not doing very well with his giving up, as for the game i am addicted to the tennis on the we and stayed up til 2am the other nite, but suffered the next day as i couldn't move my arm so no crafting got done for 2 days lol.
Debra x

Jaime said...

Too funny!! Secret PS2 player when no one is looking. Besides it is too cold out to garden here so may as well be a virtual one. Hehe.