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Monday, 23 February 2009

Some Photo's Of Saturday Night

As some of you know, we had a party for my son's 21st birthday on Saturday night at the same time we raised a bit of money for help for heroes by selling wristbands, auctioning a hero bear and doing a small raffle. So far we have raised £400 but we are hoping the total will be around £500 as we are still waiting for money to come in. Anyway, a fantastic night was had by all, the little one's only stayed for the first hour and a half and then all the antic's started lol. My son had a lovely Strip-a-gram lol, how shocked do you think he was when he saw his mate 'Conner' dancing around him in his uniform? it was like something out of 'Dads Army', you may notice in some of the photo's the lipstick on Adam's face, that was Conner lol. There was a video taken and has been put on you tube, don't worry Conner didn't do a 'Full Monty' thank goodness. I think its under 'Bro's Party (Adam's 21st)'.

Adam making his speach

My Little Speach (Adam with lipstick on his face)

Kalen and his bear 'Fred'

Kalen and Jessica with 'hero' the bear and their collecting tin

Kalen and Daddy

Adam, Jessica, Kalen and Me

Adam and his strip-a-gram, Conner.


nessy said...

looks like a wonderful night ~ so glad you all had such fun and raised loads of money for the heros!!
vanessa xx

Sarah C said...

What a great night and to do something like that for our heroes is just fantastic.

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ADAM. it'll certainly be one to remember.


Oh donna, what gorgeous photos of you all. You all seem like your having a ball. Its good to see you enjoying your time together, i know it was a long time coming for you! Well done on raising all that money hun, you must be thrilled. Pleased to see that Adam received his card in time. Enjoy the rest of your time together, am thinking of you all. Big hugs Linda x

Sally said...

Looks like you all had a blast. I hope you reach your goal.

Maria Matter said...

Oh, Donna, thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like everyone had a blast! You have a beautiful family!
And great job with the fundraising...that's fabulous!!!!
So happy for you, enjoy your family!!
Take care!
blessings, Maria

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Looks like a great night was had by all - and well done on raising money for such a great cause...

Love to you and yours - Ruth x

shelley said...

Hi Donna, looks like you had a great night :) and well done for raising all that money.
Shelley xx

cats whiskers said...

Oh Looks like you had a fabulous night dear and so glad you raised so much for the the HEROS!!!!, we owe so much to them.
Big Hugs
Jacqui x

Happy Crafter said...

glad you all had a great night and well done on raising all that money for such a good cause:)
Val xxx

Debbie said...

Looks like you all had a great night Donna and well done on raising all that money for such a worthy cause..our heros! and thanks for sharing your fabulous picture you have a lovely family. Debbie x