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Friday, 4 September 2009

Hi Peeps

Heeeeeeelllllllllloooooooooo!!! Oh its been so long since my last post hasn't it? No.......I didn't get lost in Gibraltar and no I didn't run off with some rich tycoon either. I've just had a lot going on since I got back (I'll not bore you with the details) and I have so much to catch up on in blog land. Anyway, I had an AMAZING holiday in Gibraltar, my sister had so many trips organised for us so every day we were doing something new and exciting. Here are a few snaps of our fun.

A day on a dolphin safari. Eldest son Adam and daughter Rebecca. We saw so many dolphins it was spectacular.

My youngest daughter Jessica and me just taking it easy and soaking up the rays.
A day spent catching up with the family on the rock.
Jessica, Kalen and my niece Scarlett jumping waves as the sun goes down.
During our last two days a fair came to town, right outside our apartment lol which didn't go over until 3.30am, so if you can't beat them......join them. This is my son Adam and I having all the fun at the fair.
And finally, my youngest son Kalen and his angel, when Kalen discovered that these street artists gave you a stone every time you put money in their pot he just had to visit them all, so instead of coming home with a pocket full of money we came home with a pocket full of stones lol.


Maria Matter said...

Hey Donna!
Sounds like you had a blast!
thanks for the photos..you have a beautiful family!

Glad you made an appearance! lol
yea, the rich tycoon thing did enter my mind....

take care!
Blessings, Maria

♥ Marlou ♥ said...

hiya Donna, finally I get round to saying "hi" and many thanks for your lovely messages of support.
Im loving your photos!!! amazing, looks like you all had a fabulous time, talk soon hugzz xx