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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Some advice needed on Cosmic Shimmer Mist.

Hi, no cards to post today, well I have some made but its way too dark to get a decent photo. Anyway, I was hoping one of you lovely crafters can help me out with some tips on using cosmic shimmer mist. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a bottle and when I eventually did I was so disappointed with the results, I know I am doing something wrong but I've searched the net to see if I can get any idea on how to use them but I'm only getting the basic instructions that I had already worked out for myself, spray onto project, worked that one out quite quickly lol. So, I've sprayed onto porous card, it soaks in not leaving a very nice effect and then the paper goes soggy and wrinkly, so tried non porous card, it did exactly what I thought it would....runs off the card lol. Arghhhhh so now I've bits of soggy card everywhere and my kitchen is silver. Helppppp


liza said...

soz donna,cant help you,i got a bottle of it too a while back and havnt used it cuz of the same reason,ive seen people use it on flowers etc but dont know how tho,it just looks messy when i do it lol

hope you are well
love n hugs

cats whiskers said...

Hi Sweetie have never used it on paper, but I use it on flowers, put whatever you want to colour in a cardboard box(otherwise the spray goes everywhere, I always lay what I am going to spray on a piece of kitchen towel), hold the spray wuite high above the object and spray in short bursts, thats how I do it, hope it helps
Hugs Jacqui x

Cass said...

Hi Donna,can't help you there,but I make my own using perfect pearls.I add some of the powder to a mini spritzer bottle and add water.It's just as effective.
Cass xxx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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