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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Thank you Susie and Lisa. x

I received this beautiful award from Susie and Lisa a couple of day's ago, what a lovely way to start the new year, thank you so much ladies for thinking of me. I have neglected my blog a bit over the last month and my blogging friends but from Monday hopefully everything will go back to normal and I'll be a good blogger again lol. I have now to pass this on to 5 friends, oh no, I don't like this bit because you are all fabulous. Oh and I have to list 5 things I'm addicted to, so I'll do that first.

1. Crafting (Obviously)

2. Buying Craft Goodies (Obviously lol)

3. Something I'm not proud of 'Smoking'. (Which I plan on changing in the next couple of weeks)

4. Something I will then become addicted to when I get rid of number 3. 'Eating' lol.

5. My Family. (Ahhhhh)

I now want to pass this on to

Paula. ( For being totally crazy and making me laugh)

Linda. ( For being a beautiful person and friend)

Sharon. ( A friend and super DT member who always keep's us right)

Nikki. (Who is hopefully becoming my 'Stop Smoking Buddy')

and last but not least Steph. (My longest blogging buddy)


Paula said...

Hi Donna thanks for the Award hun you have managed to cheer me up by calling me a Crazy Chicken lol. xxxx

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Donna. Just to let you know that I've passed the award on now.
Sharon xx

Nikki said...

Hi Donna thank you for the award what a lovely way to start the New Year. The 12th sounds good to me.
Nikki x