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Monday, 2 November 2009

You are a man my son.....so I will let you carve the pumpkin

This year we got the most perfect shaped pumpkin and I was so excited about carving it (yeah I know...I'm sad lol) But, my eldest son Adam was home for a week and just looked at me and said 'Can I carve it this year' as I looked into his hopeful little eye's I just wanted to shout 'Noooooooo its my Pumpkin!!! I've printed out a template and everything!' but no...how could I not let him? So I calmly handed over the precious pumpkin and watched lovingly (ok, so I sat staring at him watching his every move, giving the orders as to what knife to use and from what angle to cut lol) All of a sudden.......Nooooooo!

Ooops, 'I can fix it he says as he looks into the gaping hole, he'll just look spookier, trust me'

Not bad, not bad at all. He was sooo proud. lol


cats whiskers said...

That brings back so many memories of when my boys were teenagers, we have some great expressions on our pumpkins faces, and aly=though they pretended not to want to do it, they all really had great fun
Hugs Jacqui x

Maria Matter said...

lol, too fun...thanks for sharing these great photos!

A rite of passage....carving the pumpkin!
Great job!!!!

Blessings, Maria

you & your blog always make me smile!